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Why choose a water burial?

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Scattering ashes at sea is a beautiful way to treasure a loved one’s memory forever.

Choosing how to put a loved one to rest is a personal, emotional, and difficult decision. You need to feel at peace with your decision, and we are here to help in any way we can. A burial at sea ceremony offers a serene and dignified way to say goodbye while celebrating a loved one’s life.

Water Burial is Peaceful

Burying a loved one at sea is dignified and peaceful. The ocean provides a beautiful backdrop for saying goodbye and honoring your loved one. Sounds of the city fade away, allowing peace to fall over you as you treasure those closing moments. During the ceremony, it’s just loved ones gathered to say “thank you” and relish the times you had together. Instead of the hustle of the city, or the eerie silence of a cemetery, the sea provides a feeling of serenity that is unparalleled. As a result, your thoughts uncloud, and your goodbye to your loved one is more personal.

It Allows You to be Close Again

By removing the distractions and noise of the city, you can feel that bond between you and your loved one again. Water burials are personal and emotional because of the feeling of being alone with your loved one. Even with a large group of people celebrating a loved one’s life, the sea creates a sense of closeness and offers a backdrop for reliving memories. Bringing the ceremony to the ocean is a beautiful way to celebrate and remember your loved one in a unique way that provides the closure you desire.

The Sea and Grief

Losing a loved one is a process full of grief and sometimes regret. A water burial provides the space necessary for you to work through each of your thoughts and emotions, uninterrupted. The ocean is a beautiful place that understands the depth of grief and longing. By burying a loved one at sea, you allow yourself the space to grieve and reconcile each emotion you feel as you say goodbye. The waves create a background of white noise that entices you to remember the good times and honor your loved one, even through the sadness.

Sea Burials Lower the Costs

The average funeral can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000, depending on the method and location. Not to mention the mountain of paperwork and time needed to decide on each detail of the ceremony or burial. In addition, the tasks associated with laying a loved one to rest can cause tension and create a lost sense of direction. By choosing to cremate and perform a water burial, families can experience serenity and peace in a ceremony they will treasure forever.

Our water burial prices depend on the number of guests who wish to attend the ceremony and the length of time the family will want in honoring their loved ones wishes. Each package is fully customizable to suit your needs and fulfill your vision. When a family group exceeds nine passengers, we then use a three hour time-frame to provide adequate time for all family members to speak, share, and reminisce. We have two elegant yachts, The Duchess and The Legend, which are immaculately maintained and always fully equipped to service your every need. The Duchess will host up to six people, with a price range of $900 to $1200. Our larger yacht, The Legend, will host up to 41 people and varies in price from $1500 to $5800. Our luxurious motor yachts provide beautiful weather protected settings, weather exposed settings, and comfortable restrooms. Feel free to check out our vessels in more detail on our website. Our team will take care of everything you need for your loved one’s burial at sea. We also offer unwitnessed ash scatterings, where you send us your loved one’s ashes, and we lay them to rest for you. Unwitnessed burial at sea costs $175. A full breakdown of our pricing packages can be viewed here.

An Impactful Experience for Survivors

Every individual’s story is unique, as well as the relationships they created throughout their life. Our team works diligently to ensure you and your loved ones experience the serenity of a dignified water burial. Our crew members are compassionate, professional, and sensitive, so you can relax and focus on treasuring the memories of your loved one. We handle every detail, including the placement of flowers and a selection of hors d'oeuvres and beverages. Whether you recently lost a loved one or are planning a ceremony for someone that passed away some time ago, we make the process of scattering ashes at sea seamless. Surviving a loved one is something we all must experience, but that does not mean it is easy. We promise to provide the most elegant experience for our guests, so they can find closure after the loss of their loved one.

Choose what Suits your Story

We may be biased, but we believe burials at sea are the most peaceful way to say goodbye. Scattering ashes on the ocean is a customizable process that can fully adapt to your desires. Whether you’re from out of town or local to the Los Angeles area, we are here to help. We are licensed by the state of California to dispose of cremated remains and will guide through you the necessary processes. Feel free to call us directly with any questions or concerns. Our crew desires to provide peace, serenity, and dignity to each person who boards our yachts. Your loved one’s story is unique and special. Lay them to rest in a way that honors their legacy and provides a space for you to process your grief in a tranquil environment.

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