Dignified Ash Spreading

The Pacific Ocean is a magical place that touches many lives. If your Loved One belongs to the Sea, we will take you there with Grace and Dignity while honoring that special person with a burial at sea! The spreading of ashes of a loved one is to honor those who loved and lived on the Ocean, while respecting, caring and being part of our finest resource!

Military Burials at Sea

The honor our dedicated military deserves is something we can only attempt to repay in exchange for what they have given their country. A “Military Burial at Sea” on The Duchess or Legend, includes the most extensive Military Honors available. The honoring ceremony, led by “Past Flotilla Commander”, John Doogan and the accompanying Honor Guard will provide “The Flag Folding Ceremony”, “Taps”, and upon availability, “A 21 Gun Salute”. The Military Honors are donated by a group of past and present Military personnel, whom find honoring their fellow servicemen the highest form of thanks they can provide!

Memorial Anniversary Events

The loss of a Loved one is a life-changing time. The memory of those so dear to us is the lifelong comfort we have by celebrating their life. There is no better way to celebrate that life and stay connected than visiting the location you have placed your Loved one for eternity. The Duchess or The Legend will have the exact location memorialized on their navigation system and will bring you to that location to share a special time or for a planned memorial anniversary. Staying connected to those so close maintains those ties forever!